FOOTBALL F500 HYBRID SIZE 5 WHITE - KIPSTA - Decathlon New Zealand
FOOTBALL F500 HYBRID SIZE 5 WHITE - KIPSTA - Decathlon New Zealand
FOOTBALL F500 HYBRID SIZE 5 WHITE - KIPSTA - Decathlon New Zealand
FOOTBALL F500 HYBRID SIZE 5 WHITE - KIPSTA - Decathlon New Zealand
FOOTBALL F500 HYBRID SIZE 5 WHITE - KIPSTA - Decathlon New Zealand

Football F500 Hybrid Size 5 White - Kipsta

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We developed this F500 hybrid ball for footballers that play in clubs and need a comfortable and durable ball. For this F500 hybrid football, our design teams chose to use a foam inner cover for extra comfort during play and invisible stitching for greater durability.



Product benefits

Durability Panel stitching is on the inside, subsequently less subject to wearing


Ball touch We have placed foam panels on the outer cover for your playing comfort.


Lasting air retention Guaranteed to keep ball pressure for longer thanks to Butyl et Latex bladder.


Bounce Consistent rebound thanks to the quality of bladder and outer cover


Precision Bladder wrapped in a thread to maintain its shape and ensure greater accuracy

Technical Information


Our design team watched football players in action on the pitch to develop this Hybrid ball.
This ball is a hybrid as it combines the comfort of machine stitching with the durability of hand stitching.
We also used a bladder with thread winding (2 km of thread is wrapped around the bladder) to ensure lasting inflation and better sphericity.


Between 420 and 445g (Size 5)


Between 68.5 and 69.5g (Size 5)


Average measured variation: maximum 1.5%
We measure the ball's sphericity at 16 different points and assess the recorded discrepancies.
If the discrepancy is greater than 1.5% (FIFA PRO Standard), our engineers are tasked with improving the sphericity to ensure a consistent bounce.


We inflate the ball to the recommended pressure (meaning 0.8 bar).
72 hours later, the ball must not lose more than 15% of its pressure, meaning approx. 0.1 bar. The pressure after 72 hours must, therefore, be at approx. 0.7 bar.
This also means that it is quite normal for a ball to lose pressure after a few days.


We simulate rainy playing conditions in a lab, leaving the ball to sit in 2 cm of water on a pivoting support whilst subjecting it to 250 compressions.
By the end of the test, the ball must not have absorbed more than 15% of its weight, meaning approx. 60 g for this F100 in size 5.


Between 135 and 155cm with a maximum difference of 10cm between the ball's highest and lowest bounce. Each ball is dropped 10 times on a steel plate from a height of 2 metres.


The most stringent test we put this ball through is the shooting machine test.
Withstands up to 2500 shots against an inclined concrete surface at 50 km/h at a distance of 2.5 m.
At the end of the test, we check:
- the ball's general state: stitching must withstand this test
- the circumference: it must not have increased by more than 1.5 cm
- the sphericity: it must not have varied by over 1.5%
- the pressure: the ball's loss of pressure must not exceed 0.1 bar

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