Extended warranty


On most products of Decathlon sold online, you can enjoy a 2 year warranty while some products may offer a 5 to 10 year warranty.


The warranty holds good for products that are used within the prescribed norms, those that are not eligible for warranty are but not limited to:


  1. Products that have surpasses the warranty period;
  2. Damages due to misuse of product;
  3. Incidental damage to the product;
  4. Products that do not have serial/chassis number (Bikes and gym equipment);
  5. Malfunction of digital product due to user settings;
  6. Negligence and improper care in maintenance of the product;
  7. Products that come under the category of natural wear and tear (tires, racket guts, bearings, wheels, etc);
  8. Failure to install, operate or use the Products in accordance with the user instructions, specifications or conditions made available to the Customer by Decathlon or any alteration or repair by you or a third party who is not one of Decathlon’s authorised repairers;
  9. Damage resulting from fire, lightning, storms, vandalism, or non-secure transport.


TAKE NOTICE THAT Depending on the nature of defect, Decathlon shall at its option repair or replace the defective product. If despite Decathlon’s reasonable efforts a defective product cannot be repaired or replaced, Decathlon shall grant the Customer a credit equal to the original price paid by the Customer for the defective product and this shall be the only remedy that the Customer will be entitled to.

If a product is returned to Decathlon without a valid reason or due to a defect arising from any one of the circumstances described above, Decathlon reserves the right to dismiss the Customer’s request and return the product to the Customer at the Customer’s cost and expense.


- A lifetime warranty on the frame of the bicycle and a 2 year warranty on the front fork;

There is no warranty on parts subject to wear and tear - internal and external tubes, brake locks, brake handlebars, pedals, the chain, front and back derailleurs, brake lines, light bulbs, wheel rims, transmission and derailing chain devices


Other conditions NOT covered by our warranty


  1. a) Damage by third-party, intentional damage or willful negligence
  2. b) Improper use and maintenance
  3. c) Bike modifications
  4. d) Use of non-original parts
  5. e) Natural disaster and force
  6. f) Damage during transportation



- Most apparels have a 2 year warranty policy

- Warranty is ensured on the quality of the fabric, zippers and buttons

- NO WARRANTY on induced tears, fading due to detergents, a leaking phenomenon, etc



- 2 year warranty on the Quality of the product, stitching and color

- NO WARRANTY on physical induced damage, inappropriate usage or negligence


- 2 years warranty on the Quality of the product, stitching, color, sole and in case of a manufacturing defect

- NO WARRANTY on laces and mesh of the shoe

- NO WARRANTY on physical induced damaged, inappropriate usage or negligence


- 2 year warranty on body parts, wheels, brackets and pedals

- NO WARRANTY on any induced damage to the wheels, brackets, pedals, wheel bearings, brake blocks, handles and other consumables


- 2 year warranty on exercise bikes (wearable parts), elliptical trainers (wearable parts), treadmills (vulnerable motor parts). muscle exercise machines and consumable parts

- 5 year warranty on the framework for all the above mentioned products

- NO WARRANTY on screws, plastic parts, wires, plugs and batteries


- 2 year warranty on the quality of the material or fabric used

- NO WARRANTY if weight endured is more than maximum load, excessive use of knobs( if any), man-made or induced physical damage



- 2 year warranty on most of the electronic gadgets

- NO WARRANTY on improper usage, submersion in water (unless otherwise specified), severe impact, physical damage

- NO WARRANTY on batteries, belts and buckles