Reusable Survival Blanket - Decathlon New Zealand
Reusable Survival Blanket - Decathlon New Zealand

Reusable Survival Blanket

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Our team selected this reusable survival blanket to protect you from cold or heat when needed.

Designed to be used several times to provide insulation from heat or cold, the reusable FORCLAZ survival blanket can also insulate you from the ground or even the wind when in a hammock.

Product benefits

Ease of use Two sides with two distinct functions. Can be folded away in its storage bag

Reusable This survival blanket can be used multiple times

Technical Information


Orange side on the outside to retain warmth: reduces the risk of hypothermia. Maintains the body temperature and protects against wind and moisture.


Silver side on the outside to stay cool and protect you from the sun's rays: keeps cool (cars, tents, etc).


130 cm x 210 cm
thickness of 38μm


Do not cover the head to prevent suffocation. Do not use the survival blanket in thunderstorms, near burning materials, or if electrosurgery equipment is used (e.g.: DSA). Do not cut or make holes in it. Store in a dry place.


0.167 kg

Composition / advice

Composition Main part : Polyethylene Pocket : Polyester
Stock advice For long-term storage, keep dry and protected from light

Our commitments

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Guarantee : 2 Years

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