Small Pool Ball (6 Inch) - Orange

Small Pool Ball (6 Inch) - Orange

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Designed for kids over 2 years of age who are discovering the water.

Nabaiji's 3 LEARNING TO SWIM experiences

Nabaiji offers 3 experiences: Discovering the water, Discovering swimming and Discovering underwater.The small water ball is part of the ""Discovering the water"" experience: The kid discovers the aquatic environment through play.The small water ball also allows them to improve their coordination and to awaken their attention for gentle learning.


From 2 years


Approximately 15 cm in diameter

Product weight

About 110 g

The ball about 15 cm in diameter allows young kids to play in the water as the ball is easier to handle. At last a ball that will not slip out of your hands.

Ease of handling

The ball's smooth surface cover makes it easier for kids to handle.

Ease of learning

Ideal for playing or learning to play ball in the water

Ease of use

The ball's size is suitable for small kids' hands.

Designed for kids over 2 years of age who are discovering the water.

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